Lindenfarb offers performance and success oriented candidates the opportunity to work in a challenging and varied technical and commercial environment. Using state-of-the-art processing technologies and comprehensive communication tools, candidates will experience first-hand the day-to-day challenges in an internationally active company. Being the leader in Europe, Lindenfarb is the perfect gateway into the textile finishing industry.

Our company offers the following jobs and vocational training:

  • Management Assistant for Office Communication
  • Industrial Management Assistant
  • Accounting or Human Resources Assistant
  • IT Management Assistant
  • Computer Science Expert, Network Administrator
  • Master Professional (CCI) of Technical or Business Management
  • Bachelor/Master of Arts
  • Textile Finishing Machine Operator
  • Textile Production Mechanic
  • Textile Product Finisher
  • Textile Laboratory Technician
  • Textile Production Foreman
  • Textile Finishing Technician
  • Graduate Engineer (see Bachelor/Master for specialisms)
  • Bachelor/Master of Science/Engineering specialising in textile finishing, textile chemistry, chemistry, mechanical engineering, energy or supply engineering, environmental protection and quality management.
  • Industrial mechanic with/without technician or master craftsman advanced qualification
  • Electronics technician with/without technician or master craftsman advanced qualification
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