Environmental Protection

Evironmental protecton has always been a part of Lindenfarb’s corporate philosophy and history. We are continually introducing measures, such as energy recovery systems, to reduce our energy consumption. We have an independently operated environmental protection department with staff from the chemistry and process engineering fields. This department monitors all environmentally relevant processes and waste products. In cooperation with the local authorities of Unterkochen Lindenfarb built a water treatment plant in 1962.

Since the 1970s Lindenfarb has been a pioneer in developing exhaust treatment and air purification systems for textile finishing. In cooperation with specialist companies we have developed technology that is being used not only at Lindenfarb but other textile finishers.

In 1993 a testing and approval procedure was implemented for chemical products and has been continuously developed in subsequent years. This procedure has been integrated into our finishing processes meaning a very high level of consumer protection. . The procedure today is a key element of our ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

This procedure is unique to Lindenfarb and is not performed in any other company. This is evident by the response and feedback from our customers, chemical suppliers and external certification auditors. This also includes statements made by representatives of government authorities and inspection bodies who have attended our presentations and trade show events over the years.

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