Dyeing Laboratory

There are various requirements for modern textiles regarding colour:

  • The exact shade of colour must be maintained during the production process
  • Different textile materials used in a single product must have matching colour
  • The exact colour tone must be repeatable for subsequent orders+
  • Specific technical requirements must be met such as colour fastness, UV resistance etc.

Our technical know-how and state-of-the-art machines are required to meet our customers’ wishes. Before carrying out a customer’s order we develop the dye mixture for the required colour in our modern dyeing laboratory. We develop the colour using original fabric samples provided by the customer. Once the correct colour tone has been achieved and approved by the customer the dye mixture is ready for full-scale production. The dye is mixed and applied precisely using computer-controlled equipment and each production step is recorded. To ensure that the colour tone does not change during production the entire process is continuously monitored.The dye recipe and textile data is stored on our systems allowing a customer to place repeat orders of the same product. Before production of repeat orders the raw textile is thoroughly inspected and compared with the existing data. If there are any changes in the textile material the existing dye recipe can be adjusted, guaranteeing identical colour for repeat orders.












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