Buildtech / Construction

Buildtech/construction textiles mainly serve the function of mechanically reinforcing plaster, insulating walls and providing decorative coverings. Textiles with new technical properties are increasingly being created in this area. New applications and opportunities allow innovative ideas such as:

  • Magnetic textiles e.g. notice boards.
  • Shielding from radiation emitted by electronic devices and limiting WiFi availability.
  • Odour absorbing textiles.
  • Lightweight heat-insulating textiles.

In the buildtech/construction sector we have developed many new products.  It is a continual process and using our years of know-how we are constantly developing innovative solutions.

In addition to flag fabrics we are also extensively involved in the finishing of textiles for the growing market of banners and billboards. Special finishing techniques allow the optimum application of inks to ensure long-lasting and high resolution textile prints.


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