Mobiltech / Automotive

Textile applications are used in many vehicles including  cars, trucks, trains and aircraft. In addition to aesthetics they also serve  many technical purposes.  These textiles must meet the following technical requirements set by the mobiltech/automotive sector:

  • Extremely high quality
  • Exceptional durability
  • High resilience

The demands made on the textiles used for the interior panel of a door are a good illustration of these requirements. A host of mechanical and chemical factors have a continual influence on this area:

  • Thermal stresses due to large temperature changes (-20 to + 70° C), …
  • Mechanical stresses such as rubbing and scratching during loading, unloading, entering or exiting the vehicle.
  • Dampness caused by open windows and humidity in the vehicle.
  • Staining caused by dirt, dust, contact with hands and spillages.
  • Chemical stresses caused by cleaning agents.
  • Damage due to sunlight and UV rays.

Despite these factors the door panel must continue to look like new during the vehicle’s entire lifespan. These requirements are a significant challenge for textile manufacturers and finishers. In recent decades Lindenfarb has specialised in meeting the demands of the automotive industry and has officially complied with the high standards of ISO TS 16949 since 2001. Lindenfarb primarily finishes textiles for vehicle interiors (headliners, pillars, rear shelves and seats).


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